About us

Find out more about what makes us tick, and why we do what we do


Our story

The Morbitorium was originally founded in 2014 when we hastily opened an online store in readiness for trading at our first convention. The feedback we received at the event was incredible and we were encouraged to keep going and to expand our product range, which now includes the mildly weird (horror themed bookmarks) to the downright bizarre (taxidermy unicorn lamb).

We have supplied pieces to various TV and theatre productions (you may have seen some of our items on the recent BBC series “Nature’s Weirdest Events”) and have also been featured in numerous newspaper articles, magazines and online blogs.

We make all of our products, teach our classes and house the collection in a converted 18th-century canal-side cottage where I live with my fiance and an ever-expanding menagerie of animals.

We aim to provide you with high-quality, unusual products at reasonable prices regardless of whether these are antique/vintage items or things that we have created ourselves. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always try to work to our clients’ specifications wherever practicable.


Our location

Pontywaun, South Wales

We have had a couple of different locations over the years but have made our permanent home in the village of Pontywaun, at the foot of the Twmbarlwm mountain; once described by Arthur Machen as "that mystic tumulus, the memorial of peoples that dwelt in that region before the Celts left the Land of Summer". He was referring of course to the tump at the top of the hill which is believed to be an iron-age hill fort. Pontywaun is also at the intersection of 3 ley-lines if you believe in that type of thing.

Our staff

  Photo by Hazel Nash Photography

Photo by Hazel Nash Photography

Setting up the Morbitorium was a natural progression for Dave, who has had a life-long interest in horror and all things bizarre ever since reading Stephen King books as an adolescent. Dave teaches the taxidermy classes, curates the collection, runs the website and stocks the online stores.

Angharad loves true-crime stories, cats, horror films and wine. In addition to putting up with a home-invasion of stuffed animals and skulls she also makes some of the cuter stuff we have for sale like crocheted bats and faux taxidermy heads.

Our cats Pickles, Cthulhu and Cheeseface are honorary members of the Morbitorium staff. They bring us a steady supply of mice, rats and birds which we use for our ethical taxidermy.