How to change your class booking

Open the booking confirmation email

You would have received this email when you booked your place. If you can’t find it, use your email search facility to look for “Booking confirmation” or “taxidermy class”

  • There are buttons at the bottom of the email that allow you to make amendment to the booking and to add the appointment into your personal calendar

  • Click on the Change/Cancel Appointment button


Check the booking details

You will be taken to a webpage showing you the current booking details

  • To pick a new date, click the Reschedule button

  • To change to a new animal, or to add dietary requirements, click the Edit Forms button


Picking a new class date

  • Use the Previous and Next arrows to find the class you would like switch to.

  • Click on the timeslot of the class

  • A Reschedule button will appear, click on this button to confirm

  • If you cannot see the class date you require please email me and I can do it manually.

    • I may not be able to immediately log into the scheduling system and the place may already be taken by the time I can action your request. I will perform any manual transfers in the order that I received them.



  • The screen should then update to show you your new booking information