Photo references for students & artists


The Morbitorium are more than happy to help local students and artists who would like to use the items in our collection as a reference for their work. We provide this service free of charge and all we ask in return is to be credited appropriately in your finished artwork where possible.

Information we need beforehand

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us and to give a bit more information regarding your project. We can then arrange a mutually suitable time for you to come and visit us to take your shots. Usuually this will be in the evenings or weekends.

Please provide us with...

  • A brief description of your project

  • Is it for school/college work or a professional project

  • What photos or items would be required for it

  • How you intend on using the photos you take

If you are not able to attend the Morbitorium then we may be able to take a limited number of photos for you. This will be dependant on our workload at the time and we cannot guarantee that you get the exact shots or standard that you require. We are not professional photographers and we do not have access to high-quality photography equipment.

Please read the following conditions carefully...

  • Any photos taken cannot be sold and are for personal reference purposes only

  • The photos are provided for you to make derivative artworks and may not be reproduced or used in an untouched form

  • Please credit the Morbitorium, either in your project as a whole or alongside individual images

  • If the completed work is posted online please let us know so we can link to it and share it on social media

  • We cannot loan any items to individuals or allow anything to leave the Morbitorium