Meet "Mort"

Part of the renovations at Morbitorium HQ involved ripping up both front gardens and then relaying a new lawn/driveway and path. Whilst the work was being carried out, I received an email out of the blue from someone offering me a statue which they thought would look nice once all the work was completed. He wasn’t wrong :)

“Mort” is a copy of “La Mort Saint-Innocent”, a medieval statue of Death which is currently on display at the Louvre, Paris. He was made by professional prop builder & teacher, Rorie Brophy. Rorie has worked on numerous big name films, and currently teaches prop-making at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Mort was a project that he and a group of students had worked on and, once the college had finished displayed him, was transported to Rorie’s garden where he presided over the fish pond for a year or two. When he saw I was having the front garden landscaped (Rorie lives around the corner from me and so passes the Morbitorium regularly) he asked if I would like to re-home him.

It was a tough job getting him out of Rorie’s back garden as there is no side or rear access to the property so he had to be carried up two flight of steps and around some pretty tight corners. Once Mort was loaded onto a hand truck a group of us rolled him down the hill and onto my new path. We literally stopped traffic as we brought him down the hill… we had two people at the back keeping him upright, one at the side stopping him shifting, and two more at the front acting as brakes. Cars opted to reverse back and wait rather than try and pass us.

I wasn’t sure at first what local reaction was going to be like but everyone we’ve spoken to thinks he’s great (plus they love the new lawn too). Mort now acts as a local landmark, official guardian of the noticeboard, and makes it easy for visitors to spot where we are.

You can see more of Rorie’s incredible work on Instagram