Our Collection

This is the permanent collection which is currently on display at the Morbitorium.

The photos also include some items we have previously owned but have since sold on. We have loads more items too and I will be adding photos of them soon. Items are generally not for sale (unless specified otherwise) but if you really want something, make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do. 


Medical collection

Antique and unusual medical devices

A collection of things that either go into you, or come out of you


Occult collection

Ouia boards and tarot cards etc

Ouija board (Large).jpg

Taxidermy collection

Stuffed animals and other various preserved parts

Traditional taxidermy and mummification. See below for wet specimens

Cornelius (2).jpg

Toy & Model collection

I’m not a child anymore so they’re no longer toys… they’re “collectables” :)

Horror merchandise and other cool things to play with. Whoops, I meant collect

Toys & Models.jpg

Wet specimens

All sorts of things in jars… a mad scientists dream.

We’ve kept the wet specimens separate from the taxidermy collection because they aren’t as ‘cute’ and some people may choose to avoid this section.

IMG_20190401_075614_small (1).jpg