3 legged cat

Cheeseface outdoors.jpg

Cheeseface the three legged cat

The latest addition to my oddities collection is slightly more unusual than normal because it is my first live oddity.

It’s my cat, Cheeseface.

On Monday, we got home from work and Cheesy couldn’t put any weight on his rear left leg. He’s had minor sprains before and has always recovered well but we could tell that this time it was something far more serious so took him to the vets straight away where he was diagnosed with a broken leg, taken in overnight and given pain relief. During the night he had x-rays taken which showed that he had completely broken his tibia and fibula. There were no other obvious injuries so the vet ruled out being hit by a car and said it was probably caused by an awkward landing or a fall.

The following day he was examined further and the leg was put in a plaster cast as a temporary measure before he was returned to us overnight. The break was very close to the ankle joint which complicated matters a lot and our choices for further treatment were…

  1. Surgery where his leg would be pinned and a metal plate inserted, or
  2. Amputation

Unfortunately we did not have pet insurance and the cost to pin the bones was the same as an entire year of mortgage payments. After reading up on three legged cats online it became apparent that the loss of a leg does not affect them unduly (although it obviously isn’t ideal) so we made the decision to amputate. This option was still quite expensive but the only one that was realistically open to us.

The moral of the story, make sure you get your pets insured.