ESP / Zener cards

ESP / Zener cards


Zener cards were designed by psychologist Karl Zener in the early 1930s and were used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (most often clairvoyance) but can also be used for a type of divination called Zenermancy. The rear of each card is printed with a traditional playing card backing design that ensures that the receiver is not assisted by light bleed-through when viewing the card during the experiment. Originally the cards were printed in black & white but modern packs seen in films & on TV are often depicted as using different colours for each symbol.

  • Full, unmarked deck of 25 Zener cards
  • Contains 5 cards of each design
  • Custom made storage box
  • Cards measure approximately 8.8cm long, 5.7cm wide

The five iconic symbols are selected due to the number of points/lines each shape is comprised of...

  • Circle (one curve)
  • Cross (two lines)
  • Wavy lines (three lines)
  • Square (four lines)
  • Star (five points)
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