Heaven's Gate membership card and lanyard

Heaven's Gate membership card and lanyard


Comet Hale–Bopp may have passed us by in 1997 but who knows, maybe the extraterrestrial spacecraft that was following it is running a bit slower. If it is, then the secret to ultimate salvation and ascendance into the kingdom of heaven is surely just days away. Why risk it? Carry one of these membership cards with you and you may be admitted into "The Evolutionary Level Above Human"

This Heaven's Gate membership card is printed on card and come complete with a black lanyard and a protective plastic pouch (so you won't get any apple sauce and vodka on it).

  • Full colour, double sided print

  • Card measures approximately 10.5cm x 7cm

  • Plastic pouch measures approximately 12.5cm x 8cm

  • Total lanyard length approximately 48cm

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