Replica cat skull (vegan friendly / cruelty free)

Replica cat skull (vegan friendly / cruelty free)


This replica cat skull is as close to the genuine thing as you can get without owning an actual skull - the perfect, cruelty-free way of getting your goth on. All of our skulls (even the genuine ones) are ethically sourced but these 3D printed ones are guaranteed to have had no contact with a real animal whatsoever.

These 3D printed skulls can be immersed in water and will never rot, become mouldy or start to smell. 

  • Approximately 9cm long x 6.5cm wide x 6cm tall (3.5 inch x 2.5 inch x 2.25 inch)

  • Generated from a 3D scan of an actual cat skull

  • Includes main cranium and jaw bone

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