Dylan Simpkin (Taxidermy class)

What a brilliant day we had at the Morbitorium. I couldn't have asked for more. If you are looking at taking part in a small taxidermy class where you feel like a friend rather than a customer this is the place to go. Very informative and very helpful. A fantastic look into someone else's world of wunder. Top class.

Dylan S

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HughesToolCO (Twin Peaks badge)

I buy a lot of badges on Etsy, often because the quality can be variable and I've had many fall apart this one (Owl Cave Symbol), however, is really well made. The badge was also delivered 2 days earlier than the estimate suggested. Looks-wise it's a really handsome badge and the with a crisp image and a beautiful emerald green backing. I may have to get the other TP badge Morbitorium make some time. Recommended.


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Sophanzo (Replica cat skull)

Such a beautiful skull! (I’m tempted to say I LOVE cats, inside and out haha :/ ).I love appreciating the animal form, but I’m vegan and the zero animal cruelty was kinda a moral requirement for me, so I was really pleased for how descriptive they were about their product and process. It’s very pretty, hardy, and whatever resin used really abided by the original form in terms of detail and how it accepts the light. Quality of a real skull without the animal mistreatment Definitely buy from again.


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