Taxidermy class

I visited Dave and his museum/home with my 13 yr daughter and hubby. First time for all of us. We didn’t know what to expect but were soon put at ease with Dave explaining step by step. If we found anything we couldn’t do or needed repeated instructions Dave was right on hand and very happy to help in any way he could. Dave has a very gentle manner and happy aura about him. He loves what he does and that shines through. Dave gave us all confidence in what we were doing. Our 13 yr old daughter loved it. She got in a bit of a pickle with the cleaning part but she was soon calling to ask Dave for help. We were all surprised after the first part of the taxidermy the appetite we built up.. strange but very true. Dave's wife had all in hand as she had prepared some lunch and drinks for us. Went down a treat!! 2nd part was the making creation of our chosen animal. It was amazing the process we had and were going through. It was very therapeutic at times. I loved seeing my creation come to life (not literally lol) Marvellous I was doing this, never thought possible! Dave showed us the sewing part and my daughter struggled with this (not many teenagers I know know how to sew) Dave to the rescue once again. We had lots of talk and questions in which Dave was very happy to answer. We were taught how to pose our end creations in desired poses we fancied. I was over the moon with my result. I’m no way a crafty person but I really loved doing this. I will always remember this experience. Myself and my family felt really honoured to be with Dave and his wife in their home sharing their passion of taxidermy. I highly recommend Dave and his Morbitorium.

Tracy Bennett