Framed human rib heart

Framed human rib heart


These genuine human ribs have been arranged in pairs to form an attractive heart design around a medical textbook illustration of an anatomical heart.

Each display is unique due to the size and shape of the ribs available so please see the photos to identify which numbered frame you prefer.

PLEASE NOTE: The ribs in frame #2 have a natural twist to them which means that they push against the plastic covering. This may cause cracking if too much pressure is applied to the front of the frame. The cover can easily be replaced if required or removed entirely.

  • 2 genuine human ribs obtained from an antique medical skeleton

  • Black shadowbox frame with a protective perspex safety cover in front

  • Frame measures approx 23cm x 23cm x 4.5cm

  • Can be hung on a wall or displayed free standing on a shelf

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