Taxidermy classes

Suitable for complete beginners

The Morbitorium provide one-day taxidermy courses to give you the knowledge required to start doing your own projects. No former experience is required, all the materials you will need are provided and we'll even give you lunch! During the taxidermy lesson, you will learn the processes of skinning, cleaning, mounting and finishing a mouse, rat or rabbit and these skills are transferable to pretty much any other small animal you are likely to encounter.


Taxidermy class information

To become a skilled taxidermist takes years of practice but after this class, you will have the knowledge to create your own mounts and the option to take your interest in the art of taxidermy that one stage further.

You’ll learn everything you need to get you started on your new hobby in a single class but we’d love to have you back for further classes in the future and we’ll let you know when we are ready to do some more advanced ones like “Make a Mutant” or “Mythical Beasts”.

  • Classes are run from my home workshop in Pontywaun, South Wales. We’re just off the M4 (Junction 28) and easy to get to via public transport too
  • The classes are generally held on a Saturday starting at 10.30am but please check the event listings for any variations
  • End times will vary depending on how many people are attending, the size of your animal and if we hit any snags along the way. As a rule of thumb though, plan for about 4pm to 4.30pm.
  • Classes are kept small (maximum of 6 places) to ensure that each person gets plenty of attention and assistance when required
  • A buffet lunch is provided and you will leave with your completed piece at the end of the day
  • No animals are killed specifically for the class. See our ethical policy for more details

Click here to see our ethical policy

Are there any age restrictions?

Everybody is different so no, we don’t impose any arbitrary age restrictions. I have met some very mature 13 and 14-year-olds and some incredibly childish 40+ year-olds (of which I am very proud to be one) so I leave the decision entirely up to you. Please bear the following in mind though…

  • Under 18s will require a parent or guardian’s consent
  • There will be some very sharp scalpels
  • Blood etc is minimal but will be encountered
  • Smelly bits are almost guaranteed too
  • Any tomfoolery or shenanigans will result in the person being removed from the class
  • All class fees are nonrefundable

We use NO harsh or dangerous chemicals. Everyone will be provided with gloves and sanitary equipment if required. All animals are disease free. Although there will not be a lot of blood or gore, a strong constitution and maturity are necessary. All animals are ethically sourced – nothing was killed specifically for this class. Animals used in this class are discards from the feeder/pet food industry or naturally deceased. Please do not bring any raw dead animals with you to the class.

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Class feedback

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